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Gumucio Dental is your reliable Wellington emergency dentist. There are many reasons dental emergencies occur, and we strive to be available whenever patients need immediate attention. When you can’t make it to your Wellington emergency dentist right away, it helps to know the best actions to take that may provide relief and possibly help to improve the outcome.

Lost crown or filling

It is not unusual for a Wellington emergency dentist to be needed as a result of a lost crown or filling. It’s common for crowns and fillings to come loose while eating. Crowns often become loosened because decay has developed underneath. The tooth decay changes a tooth’s shape, resulting in the crown no longer fitting. When these protections are dislodged, the affected tooth tends to be incredibly sensitive to pressure and temperature changes.

If a crown falls off completely, it’s important to contact your Wellington emergency dentist at Gumucio Dental as soon as possible. Store the crown in a safe, cool place because it’s possible the dentist can reinsert it onto the tooth. If a long period of time passes before you see your dentist, the teeth could shift or become further damaged.

Some steps to take while waiting to see your Wellington emergency dentist:

  • To relieve pain, apply clove oil to the tooth.
  • Clean the crown and, using dental cement available at pharmacies, affix the crown onto the tooth.
  • If the crown has been lost, alleviate discomfort by applying dental cement to the top of the tooth.
  • Please note: Do not affix the crown with any type of glue.

A tooth has been knocked out

Seeing a Wellington emergency dentist after a tooth is knocked out can help to save your tooth. Once a tooth exits the mouth, damage begins to occur to nerves, tissues, and blood vessels. If the tooth can be placed back into the socket within one hour, there is a good chance the tissues will grow sufficiently to support the tooth again. Call the dentist and get to your Wellington emergency dentist as quickly as possible and also take the following actions:

  • Pick up the tooth by its crown and gently rinse it under warm water without touching the root.
  • If it’s possible, place the tooth back into its socket. Otherwise, tuck the tooth into your cheek of your mouth. If the tooth can’t be placed in the mouth, put it into a cup of milk, saliva, or water. The goal is to prevent the tooth from drying out.

Broken or cracked teeth

Teeth are prone to cracks, breaks, and fractures, though they are strong. Not all fractures are painful. When the crack extends to the root, however, pain can be excruciating. See your Wellington emergency dentist as quickly as you can. Take the following actions:

  • Rinse the tooth fragment with lukewarm water.
  • If there is bleeding, apply gauze to the area for about ten minutes.
  • To minimize pain and swelling, place a cold, damp cloth on the cheek.
  • If you are unable to see a dentist immediately, cover the affected area with dental cement from your pharmacy.
  • Apply a topical pain reliever.

Visit Gumucio Dental when you need emergency dentistry

These are a few of the many kinds of dental emergencies that are frequently encountered. When you need a Wellington emergency dentist, contact Gumucio Dental.

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